Welcome to paragon

Paragon is a robust and flexible fast application development framework written in PHP. It contains a structured library of extensible components for modelling real world objects and processes. Paragon is a 3-tier system defining an abstraction between the presentation, business logic and data access layers and employs a simplified Model-View-Controller design paradigm.

Paragon provides a set of fully functional, yet extensible components for

  • flexible graphical user interface display that is multi-lingual and mark-up agnostic
  • easy to use relational database connection and communication for relational databases supported by PHP (currently Postgresql and MySql supported).
  • simple SMTP/MIME message generation using Internet or Unix domain sockets
  • flexible authentication and authorisation of HTTP(s) requests.
  • configurable error handling
  • configurable file uploading via HTTP(s)

These extensible components are abstracted from a set of flexible and extensible API's used to model the custom business logic required by any web application.

The typical applications that Paragon can be used to create are

  • user management with subscription
  • content management systems
  • product catalogue/shopping cart
  • threaded multi-view bulletin board systems
  • intranet systems
  • extranets systems
  • groupware systems

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